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Welcome to Live & Love Dance Productions, a studio focused on achieving exceptional standards of dance. Dance classes in Ballet, Competition Team, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Parent & Me, Poms Lyrical & Cheer, Camps & Workshops where a passion for living and loving dance begins & grows here! We value fun, creativity, working hard and developing friendships with our students and families. We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development, and offer a warm and positive environment to foster the growth that all dancers want and need. We offer classes all year from ages 1-adult, with our Recital Session from September-May, and summer session beginning from June-August. We offer our BIG annual recital in May to any dancers enrolled from September-February to join in performing a routine and getting a recital costume! We have numerous other performances throughout the year including parades, holiday performances and many other local community opportunities including Flower Festival and more! With over 23 years of teaching dance experience through MN, WY & CA and more than 31 years of dance training, we believe in sharing our passion and love with dance to all ages from 1-adult!  Reach out today to learn more about the classes we offer and how to get involved

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Our Class Offerings

Something for everyone ages 1+ through adult


Parent (Caregiver) & Me

This class is an introduction to the world of dance, a great class for moms, dads, grandpas, grandpas, siblings and even aunts/uncles to dance with their young dancer to get them comfortable expressing themselves through music, motion, creativity and imagination.


Ballet/tap combo ages 3-6, ages 4-7, ages 5-12

This class is a great class for a dancer who likes to try 2 styles of dance at once. We offer to various ages to learn ballet and tap curriculum, including technique, proper body alignment, rhythm and also incorporating creative movement. Students will learn tap steps and ballet movements to gain body strength and awareness.


Hip hop ages 5-12

This class is for those kids who have lots of energy! The class will focus on hip hop technique, choreography, strength, plus incorporating the students to bring their own personality/style into their movements ! 

Ages 5-12 Hip Hop/Jazz Combo
This class is for those who have sass, personality and want to express it through hip hop and jazz styles of dane.
This is a combo class, focussing on hip hop & jazz styles- dancers will learn proper technique, terminology and body placement to execute steps effectively and safely for their bodies. Dancer's will develop a further awareness of correct turnout placement, body posture, work on flexibility, and also strengthening their muscles. The perfect class to do in conjunction with our ballet/tap class


Ages 13+ Jazz , Hip Hop & Lyrical 
 This is a combo class for ages 12+, focussing on hip, hop, jazz & lyrical technique. Dancer's will learn proper technique, terminology and body placement to execute steps effectively and safely. Dancer's will develop a further awareness of correct turnout placement, body posture, flexibility, and also strengthening their muscles.


Ages 3-7 Move & Groove & Ages 4-8 Boys Move & Groove
Move & Groove is our jazz/hip hop based dance class. Our dance classes encourage muscular and gross motor skill development . Dancers learn to take turns, follow directions, and memorize movement patterns. Our preschool dance classes encourage muscular and gross motor skill development . Dancers learn to take turns, follow directions, and memorize movement patterns



Cheer Kids Ages 4+
We've got spirit!! This class is for ages 4+ to learn basic cheer chants, tumbles and choreography! No prior experience needed, high energy class with a mix  of dance and cheer combined. 

Poms Ages 4+
Poms Dance is an exciting, fun and engaging style of dance where we surge jazz, high kick and poms to elevate the routine. This class will be high energy and tons of fun for those dancers who like to be sassy and are full of dancing energy.

Tiny Tots ages 2-4 Tiny Tots is  for our youngest friends to be immersed
in the world of dance in an introductory class where we will use creative movement, Students will learn basic ballet movements to gain body strength and awareness.

Ballet ages 3-7 & Ballet 7+ 
Ballet being the foundation of all styles of dance we offer classes based on age for 3-7 & 7+. We will learn age appropriate ballet steps, technique and help develop dancers foundation that can be utilized in all styles of dance.

Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical ages 13 - Adults
All levels welcome for ages 12- adults combo class, we will work on a variety of styles from ballet, jazz and lyrical to become familiar with technique, terminology, correct. body placement and most importantly have fun for a great workout.

Jazz Ages 6+
This class is for ages
6+ to learn jazz curriculum including technique, proper body alignment, rhythm and choreography. A great class in conjunction with ballet Students will learn jazz movements to gain body strength and awareness.

Ballet, Jazz & Tap Combo ages 5+
This class is for students who would like to have an immersive experience in the fundamental styles of ballet, tap & jazz styles! We will focus on ballet, tap and jazz technique, steps and choreography



Summer Fun 2024
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Miss Vanessa

Owner & Instructor 

Miss Vanessa began dancing at age 3 and literally has never stopped! She studied ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip- hop, pointe in addition to high school dance team high kick, pom and competitive dancing at the age of 10. She began instructing at the age of 12 when her teacher & studio owner said “she knew she had something special in her”. From there she continued to teach recreational classes in styles of parent & me, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical & competitive dance. In 2009 she created the Performance Teams at her home studio as she realized the great need for kids to have an opportunity to not only compete, but perform for the community and surrounding areas. The first  year, she had 17 members to just one year later she grew to over 35 members. She helped these dancers take their dance to the next level with performing at local venues, nursing homes and any other shows they were called on, but these dancers also competed locally. During this time miss Vanessa also earned her bachelors in social work, and became a licensed social worker working in short & long term care. On the side Miss Vanessa also coached her old high school team in the state of Minnesota and another local high school. Miss Vanessa decided her biggest passion was in studio dance & proceeded to follow that calling teaching 3 days a week. Live & Love Dance Productions idea was created based on the interest of families reaching out to her who wanted to still work with her even through distance. Miss Vanessa offered competitive lessons in Minnesota traveling back and forth until an opportunity arose to teach on the military base, she was able to run her program for a year at Fe Warren. Meanwhile Vanessa also taught at a very reputable and well known studio in Wyoming and had decided working for this local studio which opened her to a new world of dance & family, she focussed much of her time & energy into the recreational & competitive program- to teaching dance 5 days a week! She remained to teach for the local studio for 4 years until she  relocated to California. Miss Vanessa was given the opportunity to teach for the the alley project which then allowed her program to become recreated even better then before. Miss Vanessa is so passionate about her students to help foster a love of dance, and grow close relationships that they really feel part of her extended family. Miss Vanessa was blessed with a happy very healthy & energetic child , Emmett in 2017, and she knew she wanted him to have the same opportunity of dance because she knew how it has changed her life. Miss Vanessa is always thinking about dance and how she can offer more to her students, she is dedicated and hard working and truly wants the best for all her students. Her favorite styles of dance are basically all, but jazz & hip hop let her feel extra fierce and fun! Miss Vanessa is certified in PBT (Progressive Ballet Technique) & Acrobatics Arts, she believes in continuing to gain knowledge to bring to her students to help them achieve their goals. When she’s not dancing she loves all things Disney especially little mermaid, hanging out with her dog, usually doing some art project with her son, reading, & can’t forget she loves sparkles! 

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