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Competition Teams Ages 3+

​Live & Love Dance Productions formed their competition team program in 2022 to offer students the opportunity to advance in dance further from competing within California. LLD believes that competition team teaches confidence, hard work, dedication, perseverance, fosters a good teamwork mentality, determination and further aligns with their motto of "Living & Loving Dance". Not only is it fun, challenging and rewarding, but it allows students to grow together doing something they love so much and develop lifelong relationships not only with the students, but with other dance families as well. Competition team is a good fit for any student 3+ that wishes to take their dance journey to the next level, we offer teams, solos, duos and trio opportunities. We love to help our students achieve all their dreams and goals, and are there to cheer them along every step.

2024-2025 Competition Team Tryouts & Workshop Information 

                              ⭐️Competition Workshop is April 27th from 1-2pm required to tryout 

                              ⭐️Competition Tryouts will be May 5th 3:30pm


Feel free to get in touch if your dancer is interested in exploring whether the competition team would be a good match for them. Don't hesitate to call, text, or email us with any questions or for further information at 805-849-2001 or

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